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Why Bike over Car?

  • jaguar

The debate between travelling by car or motorcycle is never ending. It has never been so intense with thousands of travelers continuously switching from four wheels to two wheels. On the other hand we are amused with the question that why bikers are not shifting to cars once they’ve had a taste of what motorcycling is like. There are certain reasons that we think makes a biker once, a biker always.


Be Safe! Live Long!


As summers are here and Sun is at its glory many motorcyclists are curious to get out on the road in the mountains and enjoy the cool air and snow covered passes on two wheels. But along with the mood of motorcycling comes the responsibility of being safe and keep others safe as well. If you have not been in touch and riding after a long time safety becomes even more important. For those riding for the first time, it’s even more important to use caution on the road.


Adventure Calls this Summer (Leh)


The Leh-Manali Highway is one of the highest roads in the world. Running between the Indian cities of Leh and Manali, it opens up an inhospitable part of the Himalaya Mountains. Be well prepared before you start, as you will cross several high mountain passes up to 5,325 m (17,470 ft). Many travelers suffer from mountain sickness due to the high altitudes and the low-oxygen air.

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