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1. How do I book a bike?

It’s easy! You need to select the location you want a bike from, enter your start date, end date and hit search vehicles. Select the bikes you want to ride.

2. How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

We will send you a confirmation message with a Booking Id. This will be done after you pay your rent online.

3. Where do I pick my bike from?

You will be notified of your pickup point(s) through message and email.

4. What are the pickup and drop timings?

Vehicle pickup time is 9 AM and onward whereas the vehicle drop time is maximum by 7:30 PM .

5. What are the required documents and what do I need to deposit?

Any identity proof issued by Government of India will be required. You need to deposit one of these Identity proofs (Passport, Aadhaar Card, Voter Id Card, etc.) at the pickup location in original. You also will have to display your original driver’s license at the pickup point.

6. Do I need to pay something in security against the bike?

Yes, you have to pay an amount specified in the listing at the time of pickup. This amount is refundable and you will get full refund on returning the bike in the same condition as it was at the time of pickup.

7. What is the process of deduction from the security deposit?

The amount required to get the bike repaired from the service center will be deducted from the deposit. You can also get the repair done youself before returning the bike.

8. Is there any riding gear provided with the bike?

No, there will be no riding gear provided with the bike. However, for Leh Ladakh tours and Spiti tours you will get a tool kit to get your bike repair done. Any spares used will be chargeable from the security deposit.

9. Will I get a helmet with the bike?

Yes, one helmet per bike is complimentary for an additional helmet a charge of Rs. 50 per day will be collected.

10. Is there an option of door delivery?

You can get in touch with us to request a door delivery of the bike. It depends on availability of manpower at the location.

11. How do I get my bike fine tuned?

We request you to come a day prior to pick up and take a test ride of the bike. All the changes that you feel should be done to the bike will be taken care of if found appropriate.

12. Can I give the bike to someone else?

You can let the other person ride but the second person should also produce his/her driver’s license at the time of pickup. However, responsibility of the bike and other conditions associated will still be applicable to the person booking the bike.

13. Can I drop the bike somewhere in the middle of the tour?

Yes, you can do that. You will have to pay an amount of Rs. 10,000 as drop off charge. This should be done only after informing Wheelify. The rider should stay with the bike till the drop off is taken care of.

14. What happens if I fail to return the bike at the scheduled date and time?

In case of such failure you will have to pay the rent of the days delayed with an additional penalty of Rs. 500 per day.

15. How do I extend the booking period without penalty?

You should inform Wheelify for any such extension of the trip. We will provide the extension based on availability of the bike for the additional time.

16. What happens if there is a major breakdown in the bike?

If the breakdown happens within 10 KMs you will get the service/replacement of the bike. If it happens beyond a distance of 10 KMs you will have to get the repair done and submit the original invoice of the repair to the drop location. You will get the money reimbursed spent on the repair.

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