Adventure bike riding tips over hills and mountains

Adventure bike riding tips over hills and mountains

2021-11-25 04:05:31 by Wheelify

Mountains and hills bike riding has gained an immense attention of many bikers and adventure seekers alike, as it gives a sense of freedom. Bike riding at high altitudes is equally fun and dangerous which requires a different set of skills compared to commuting or riding in the city. Below are some Adventure bike riding tips over hills and mountains that will help you enjoy your trip while staying safe at the same time.

Bike Maintenance

Make sure your bike is in good condition before hiking in the mountains with a pre-ride test and don’t forget to change the oil and fuel filter. Ensure that you check the tire pressure, gauges, lights, horn and signals. Fix throttle straps and brakes and inspect the entire bike for any broken or worn parts before heading for a bike ride over hills or mountains.

Wear the Right Gear

Mountain biking is an aggressive ride so you should carry all the necessary gears with you such as a helmet, sturdy gloves, jacket / trousers, and cut-out shoes. You can add extra protection in the form of elbow and knee pads and back protection. It will also not hurt to wear a high-waisted vest.

Never Come Down In Neutral

While coming down from a hilly road make sure you are in the right gear and do not use the brakes just to control speed. By staying neutral, you lose control of your brake engine, which could cause you to lose control of your bike. It is therefore recommended to use the brake engine properly as it is the most important element of riding a bike in hilly areas.

Park safely

Never park your bike up and down the hill. Always try to find the flight area as much as possible and park the bike towards the ascent. This is because the side stand on most bikes is designed to stop the bike from rolling backwards. Be careful when parking on the side of the road, especially at corners. Exit corners are one of the most dangerous places to be on the road. Try to park your bike under a tree that also protects your bike from falling rocks.

No doubt, riding a motorcycle in mountains and hills is a lot of fun and adventure packed, but along with that being aware and following the tips given above will help you to enjoy your bike ride while staying safe at the same time a lot more.

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