Best Route To Reach Kheer Ganga On Bike

Best Route To Reach Kheer Ganga On Bike

2021-08-04 00:05:42 by wheelify

Owning the spellbinding beauty of the Himalayas, Kheerganga is situated at an altitude of 2960m from sea level. The incredible 12km trek to Kheerganga falls under the easy category on the difficulty level, not to forget half of which is a normal walk till Rudranaag and the other half is an easy climb, that is covered with pine trees that open to the meadows of Kheerganga. If you also wish to take a trip to this beauteous place on Earth and enjoy its magical beauty on a bike then read below to know more about the best route you can take.

How To Reach Kheerganga on a bike?

We are assuming that you are starting your journey to Kheerganaga Falls from Delhi. So, we will tell you how to reach Kheerganga from Delhi.

  • You can always opt to take a Volvo Bus but if you are an adventure seeker, then you can consider taking your bike or hire a bike on rent for the trip. 
  • Also, remember to not straight away head to Manali, you got to make the trip to Bhuntar and from there you will head to Kasol. 
  • Once you reach Kasol, you need to head towards Manikaran and then towards Barsheni. After that from Barsheni, you can commute to Tosh on your bike itself or maybe just walk.
  • The main Trek to Kheerganga starts from Tosh and you will cross 3-4 villages on the way beholding some really mesmerizing beauty that you will not be able to take your eyes off.
  • The Trek to Kheerganga from Tosh is approximately around 14km of which it is an easy walk till Rudranag. Followed by that some steep slopes might surely take your breath away. This part of the trekking beholds some amazing scenery that may blow your mind.
  • You can also choose to take another route that goes through village Kalga, but it is surely less extraordinary as compared to this one.

This is the easiest and simple itinerary that a traveller can follow when planning to take a trip to Kheerganga on a bike. So, what is keeping you waiting? Plan your expedition and get going on your choice of two wheels. 

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