Essential Things to Carry for Ladakh Bike Trip

Essential Things to Carry for Ladakh Bike Trip

2020-12-12 03:15:31 by Wheelify

A bike trip to Ladakh gives you a chance to explore natural beauty along with monasteries, lakes, and high altitude passes. But Ladakh has its own set of travel requirements and you need to be careful while packing so that you don't miss an essential item and also not burden yourself with too many bags. So, here is the list of essential things that you can look up to for a bike trip to Ladakh.

Things to Carry for Ladakh Bike Trip

    Make sure to pack all the necessary documents first. Carry at least one government-issued identity card like a driving license, aadhar card, voter id, or passport. Carry both the original and photocopies of it. Also carry a few of your passport size pictures, a list of emergency contacts, and your medical insurance if you have any.

    You should keep in mind that the weather in Ladakh is highly unpredictable. So it is advisable to carry your clothes in layers. It will help you to keep warm in the cold and will also give you the flexibility of removing layers if you are feeling warm.

    Don't forget to carry medicine for acute mountain sickness and some basic medicines for headache, upset stomach, fever, cough, and cold. In case you have some allergy, consult the doctor before taking the pills.

  • CASH
    ATMs are still a rare thing in Ladakh. Some of them are available in the Leh market but their functionality and availability of cash are questionable. So carry enough cash and do not depend on credit cards as they may or may not be accepted in Ladakh.

    One of the important things to remember before travelling to Ladakh is that the only post-paid mobile connections work here and if you don't mind getting a new connection for the trip, go for a BSNL/MTNL.

    There are not many petrol pumps in Ladakh so it is advisable to carry some extra fuel with you.

A trip to Ladakh means that your packing has to be comprehensive. So, the above discussed is a list of all the important things that you cannot afford to miss while travelling to Ladakh to enjoy a hassle-free trip.

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