Essential Things to Carry for Ladakh Bike Trip

Essential Things to Carry for Ladakh Bike Trip

2021-04-19 04:40:25 by Wheelify

Ladakh is one of the most popular destinations for adventure seekers and backpackers. A bike trip to Ladakh is a dream of many bikers and it is the greatest adventure to embark on at least once in a lifetime. With so many bike rental companies, it is easy to rent your favorite Royal Enfield and begin your journey. Before you plan your trip, it is important to know about the essential things for a bike trip to Ladakh. So here is the list of essential things to carry to Ladakh.

Things to Carry for Ladakh Bike Trip

    The weather in Ladakh is highly unpredictable. Along with woolen clothes try to include cotton t-shirts, thermals, light woolen, and a waterproof jacket in your packing. Do not overstuff your bag and carry clothes as per the requirement. 

    Don’t forget to carry at least one government identity card like Aadhar Card and if you rent a bike, make sure the bike rental company provides you valid documents including the registration certificate, certificate of insurance, and PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate.  

    For a comfortable journey, you can carry accessories like sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and gloves. It is advisable to keep an extra pair of waterproof gloves with you and also carry sundries like moisturizer and lip balm. 

    Trekking can consume a lot of your energy. In order to keep yourself energetic, you can carry some energy-providing snacks like glucose, dry fruits, and energy biscuits. 

    Long-duration journeys can be stressful for your body. So, you should always pack your bags with some basic medicines for upset stomach, headache, cold, and fever. Also, carry some energy drinks to beat acute mountain sickness. 

    If you are a photo fanatic, don’t forget to keep a spare battery for your camera and also carry one or two fully charged power banks for your phone.

Ladakh bike trip is a little challenging so make sure that you have the required skills before you plan for it. The captivating beauty of Ladakh will surely give you the ride of a lifetime. Carry the above essential things for a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience. 

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