Procedure to Rent Bike in Delhi - Wheelify

Procedure to Rent Bike in Delhi - Wheelify

2021-01-18 03:26:36 by Wheelify

No doubt, travelling via bike is the best way to explore a city especially Delhi where the local transports are often crowded. You do not have to worry about buying an expensive bike for a trip or if you don’t have to use it for a regular purpose, you can simply just hire one.

However, for a hassle-free experience, it is important to consider the following tips before you rent a bike in Delhi.

Tips for renting a bike in Delhi

    This is the main thing to consider while renting a bike. There are many bikes that are best suited to Indian roads and off-terrain roads, so choose your ride accordingly. Don't just fall in love with the looks and make sure it provides you the comfort you need. Try out different bikes and select the one which suits you the best.

    It is important to wear protective gear while riding for your own safety and many bike rentals provide accessories too on rent like a riding jacket and helmet. So don't forget to check out the essential biking accessories along with the bike.

    Make sure to ask for the photocopies of the necessary documents from the bike rental. This includes the Registration Card of the bike, Invoice, Insurance Paper, and PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate.

    Also, make sure to get the contact number of the provider for calling in case of any emergency.

    The number of bike rentals has drastically gone up in Delhi. It is very important to rent a bike from a reputable provider so that you can have a trouble-free experience and can get a bike that is in the best condition.

    Before finalizing your ride, it is your responsibility to make a good inspection. Make sure that it is in an ideal moving condition and double-check the motor, brakes, instrument panels, and lights.

    If you are not fully satisfied with the condition of the bike, explore the other ones.

Renting a bike is easy and stress-free. Whether you need it for regular use or for a road trip, it allows you to go as you please but it is important to follow the set of tips given above to make your trip pleasant.

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