Are Rental Bikes Not Allowed in Ladakh?

Are Rental Bikes Not Allowed in Ladakh?

2021-08-22 22:30:33 by wheelify

Now the question is if Rented Bikes are allowed in Leh? You can hire a bike on rent in Leh from numerous shops that provide bike rental services to explore Leh. The average for a bike rental ranges from between Rs 800 to Rs 1600 and trust us it is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful terrains, breathtaking landscapes, and mind-blowing views of Leh. Along with sightseeing in Leh, you can also indulge in a lot of adventurous activities on your vacation to Leh.

However, as per the latest circular, bikes that are rented outside Leh, shall not be allowed for sightseeing purposes. In that case, the tourists will have to hire bikes for rent in Leh and then proceed further with their tourism activity. But in case, it is your personal bike or if it is in your father’s name then you are allowed to drive in Leh for visiting places like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, and other local places.

Back in the day, tourists could choose to rent a bike in Manali and then explore Leh and Ladakh on that only. But now as per the revised regulations, outside bikes are not permitted inside Leh and only Jammu registered vehicles are allowed for this purpose. You can use the rented vehicles for driving over the highway but not for local sightseeing purposes. Also, tourists are permitted to take their vehicle anywhere they want in Leh, after providing proper documentation. 

The Ladakh Bikers Cooperative Ltd issued a circular that stated bikes from Himachal or from any other state will not be allowed beyond Sarchu i.e. the border of Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. The circular prohibited the entry of vehicles in Leh for any commercial activity and also requires the tourists to rent bikes in Leh only. So, we assume that you are clear with all the latest rules and regulations for bike rentals in Leh. 

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