What are the requirements for Renting a Bike in Delhi?

What are the requirements for Renting a Bike in Delhi?

2021-02-06 00:27:15 by Wheelify

Riding a bike is always full of thrill especially for bike lovers and seasoned bike riders and the best part about Delhi is there are unlimited options available when it comes to bike rental companies. Just keep the below-mentioned things in mind before renting a bike in Delhi and get ready to explore this beautiful city in the best way possible.

Requirements for Renting a Bike in Delhi

Documents Required

  • Driving license and if it is not issued in India then an International driving permit along with the driving license is also needed.
  • 1 ID proof document. It can be Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, or PAN card.

Eligibility & Agreement for renting a bike in Delhi

  • The rider must be at least 21 years old and should have a valid driving license.
  • Any valid ID issued by the Central or State Government apart from a driving license is usually kept by the bike rental companies till you return the vehicle. 
  • The person in whose name the booking is made has to sign the agreement with the bike rental company.

Other Important Information

You should be aware of other important things like inclusions and exclusions while renting a bike in Delhi.

  • Exclusions and Inclusions
    All Interstate taxes, parking charges, fuel cost, and toll taxes are excluded and the rider has to pay it himself. Whereas the dealer will provide you with a helmet and mechanical warranty.
  • Recovery policy in case of damage 
    The recovery policies differ from one dealer to another. However, in case of minor damages, you will have to pay the estimated cost for repairs.

Don’t forget to follow all the traffic rules while riding, for the safety of your own and other people on the road. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind and make sure to read the agreement and comply with all the policies before renting your favorite ride in Delhi. 

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