Is riding a bike in the rain safe or dangerous?

Is riding a bike in the rain safe or dangerous?

2020-12-30 22:58:27 by Wheelify

Riding a bike in the rain is quite risky and dangerous. Riding in the rain can be counted as anything from a pleasurable experience or a nightmare. Most of the riders avoid riding in the rain at all costs but sometimes the rain is inevitable and in that case, you need to be well prepared. So, here are some tips for riding a bike in the rain.

Tips for Riding Bike in the Rain


    Any normal riding jacket in the rain will not help. So make sure to choose a jacket that has built-in rain protection. Also, high visibility rain gear that comes with reflective stripes like orange or yellow visors is advisable due to the reduced vision during rains.

    Use the best gloves for riding in the rain because it's important to keep your hands as dry and warm as possible.

    When riding in less than ideal conditions it is necessary to change the way you handle your bike. Ride slowly when it's raining, it will maintain your grip levels and will give you time to look ahead.

    Apply your brakes progressively and your braking done early. Also, accelerate a little more gently and a little later while riding in the rain.

    The two things that drastically affect the grip of the tyre are manhole covers and sealer pavements. Travel carefully and look out for them especially when you are making a turn to enter an intersection and resist breaking and accelerating hard and just roll over them. 

    It is never advisable to ride during thundering and crosswinds as it is very difficult to maintain your balance and keep the bike positioned in one straight line. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or difficult to ride just step aside and wait for the weather to get better.

    Fast-moving water should also be avoided at all costs. If the stream has broken its banks and the water is flowing through the road, alter your route and never try to ride through it. 

Thus follow these following tips and riding in the rain can help you to learn a new subset of skills. However, avoid riding when the conditions are unfavourable and uncomfortable. Your safety should always be your first priority.

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