Unexplored Places for Bike Trip Near Manali - Wheelify

Unexplored Places for Bike Trip Near Manali - Wheelify

2021-03-22 04:31:15 by Wheelify

Nestled in the mighty Himalayas, Manali is a biker’s paradise and a  full package of nature, food, and adventure sports. Exploring Manali on a bike makes you feel one with nature and soothe your mind and soul. You can also rent a bike as there are many bike rental companies in Manali. Many visitors may cover the major tourist attractions and may miss out on other hidden gems in Manali. Here are some of the best-unexplored places for bike trips near Manali. 

Offbeat Places for Bike Trip near Manali

    Arjun Gufa (cave) is located 5km away from Manali. Arjun cave is a narrow path into the hill which offers stunning views of snow-capped mountains and alpine forests. The path of the cave makes the exploration even more exciting.

    Malana is located in the Parvati Valley, around 80km from Manali. The location is surrounded by lush green trees and incredible valleys. Malana is also a perfect place for trekking. 

    Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa is another unexplored yet beautiful place near the market streets of Manali. The gold statue of Lord Budha is the most significant feature of this beautiful place which offers a divine and tranquil ambiance.

    Around 12km away from Manali, Hamta village is a wonderful place to unwind. It is a perfect spot to sit back and soak yourself in the surroundings. You can also make the trek to Hampta Pass for an adventurous experience. 

    Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa is a Tibetan Monastery that is situated close to old Manali road and is unknown to many tourists. If you want to explore the Tibetan culture and absorb some spiritual vibes then this is an ideal place for you.

No doubt, Manali is a favored destination for all adventurers and backpackers. Given above are some offbeat places that you must visit near Manali. So, wait no longer and head out for a fun-filled bike trip to Manali. 

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