Why is Renting Two Wheeler Better Option Than Buying It?

Why is Renting Two Wheeler Better Option Than Buying It?

2020-11-17 04:15:14 by Wheelify

Between taking a two-wheeler on rent and buying it, taking it on rent is always considered the brilliant move. Below we’ve compiled a list of a few reasons why renting a two-wheeler is considered a better option than buying one.

Renting Two-wheeler v/s Buying it

  • Budget-Friendly

    • Renting a two-wheeler is very affordable as you don’t have to worry about the maintenance cost, insurance, EMI, and so on. These are already covered up by the rental company.

    • All you have to do is book it, ride it and return it. You don’t even have to worry about the depreciation value of the vehicle.

    • You can easily choose from daily, weekly, and monthly bike rental services starting from Rs 600 per day.

  • Convenient 

    • Renting locally is more convenient especially when you move from one city to another very often.

    • Also, two-wheelers consume very little space and you can easily drive them almost everywhere.

  • Choose a Two Wheeler as Per Your Need

    • You can select your favourite bike/activa from our wide-ranging fleet of bikes as per your need. For say you need a bike for a short duration of 2-3 months and you don’t want to buy it for such a short duration.

    • You can rent it on a monthly basis tariff, for your daily commutes, road trips, or long drives.

  • Reduces Covid-19 Risk

    • Nowadays, due to the incessant spread of the coronavirus, everyone prefers private means of transportation to public transport as it doesn’t involve direct contact with people and reduces the risk of spreading the virus to a great extent.

    • You can opt for renting a bike for the coming few months to run your personal errands and avoid public transport or sharing cabs with people daily.

  • New Models

    • There are new models that constantly keep showing up in the market. If you are a bike enthusiast you might have the desire to ride many of them. This is not possible if you already own one, you’ll use it for a few years and then you’ll think of getting a new one.

    • So, renting is beneficial in this case too as you can enjoy a new ride every now and then.

  • Wear and Tear

    • If you need a bike for a road trip and you are going to a place where you will be riding hard, consider the wear and tear you’d be putting on the bike which will add to the maintenance cost.

    • Whereas, in the case of renting it for the trip, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear. Just enjoy riding and return the bike (of course in a working condition).

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