Why Riders Prefer Royal Enfield Bikes for Leh Ladakh Trip?

Why Riders Prefer Royal Enfield Bikes for Leh Ladakh Trip?

2020-11-12 23:43:06 by Wheelify

Is riding to the ‘Land of High Passes’ in the Himalayas on a Royal Enfield on your bucket list? Then you’ve come up in the right place. It is not only because of its killer classic looks that Royal Enfield is given more priority but also because of several other reasons. Let us take you through the key points below that highlight the main reasons as to why riders prefer Royal Enfield for Leh Ladakh Trip in comparison to other bikes.

Reasons to Choose Royal Enfield Bikes for Leh Ladakh Trip

  • Comfortable Rides
    For starters, a trip to Ladakh may sound fascinating but did you even give a thought to those back pains for once? Well, those are certainly not fascinating. Bike rides and back pains tend to have a deep and old relationship. But, the game-changer is here, you do not need to take stress about the tiring journeys. Royal Enfields are quite an exception in this story. These bikes are super comfortable and are made keeping in contemplation the problems riders face when they have to ride bikes for long hours. With Suspensions softly sprung, the Royal Enfield Bikes for Leh Ladakh Trip is one of the most preferred bikes by riders. Hire Royal Enfield on rent in Delhi for your journey to be a breeze of blissfulness. These bikes are an absolute definition of comfort as they provide the rider an upright seating position with legs parallel to the ground and arms resting gently on the handlebar. Though, these might not be the fastest ones but are indeed the most comfortable ones.
  • Timeless Models
    These classic machines will surely give you goosebumps with that thumping sound. It feels soothing as well as thrilling, both at the same time to get an opportunity to ride this beast in the Himalayas. Though we can not call it entirely classic, as the modern Royal Enfield keeps up with the latest advancements in technologies and makes sure to equip its bikes with the latest features and up-to-date technology. So, this comes as a great package if you happen to be a fan of an extraordinary, timeless, and comfortable bike riding experience.
  • Provision for Customization 
    Royal Enfield is that one brand that has been wholeheartedly open about customization in all due respects. To boost customization they come up with factory custom models which are mostly a blank sheet canvas and followed by that they team up with modders who create custom products for the clients as per their requirements. Customizations have no limits when it comes to revamping your bikes and standing out from the rest.
  • Reliable Rides
    Royal Enfield has one of the best and world-class Manufacturing systems that are supported by AI and is used in the production of ‘one-of-a-kind’ bikes. The Engines of Royal Enfield bikes are much more advanced and this factor has undeniably given outlasting durability to these bikes.

Royal Enfield bikes are absolute game changers for those intending to travel the Himalayas. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and ride on. Hire Royal Enfield on rent in Delhi and experience what you had been longing to do all this while. Conquer the roads and tick off a task i.e a Royal Enfield Bike Ride to the Himalayas and make memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.


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