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Terms and Conditions

  1. User Information: The User who approaches the Company for taking the Vehicle agrees to provide any personal information requested by the Company. In particular, the User will be required to provide their first name, last name, age, title, valid telephone number, alternate telephone number, residential address, office address and email address. Use of the Vehicle and the Service of the Company is limited to those over the age of 18 years at the time of registration.
  2. Disclosure of Purpose: The User agrees to disclose the duration for renting the Vehicle and reason for leasing/renting out the Vehicle to the Company.
  3. Accuracy of the Information: The User agrees and accepts that all of the information they provide to the Company before using the Service of the Company and at any other time shall be true, correct, complete and accurate in all respects.
  4. Valid license: The User must possess a valid Motor Vehicle with Gear (MVWG) License in case of Motor Vehicles with Gear and Motor Vehicle without Gear (MVWOG) License in case of Motor Vehicles without Gear. The User shall submit a copy of the License to the Company. If any User’s license expires or is revoked, authorization to drive the Vehicle shall expire immediately. For international visitors, a valid driving license from their home country with International Driving Permit is necessary along with a valid Visa. Original to be brought, a copy will be retained for record.
  5. Submission of Original Documents: The User shall submit the photocopy of one of the following documents to the Company before leasing/renting the Vehicle:
    • i. Original Passport
    • ii. Original Aadhar Card
    • Note: The Company reserves the right to hold back the booking if the documents submitted are not satisfactory.

  6. Rental Charges: The rental rate offered by the Company to the User is as per what is shown on the website. There are no hourly charges.
  7. Helmets (Included in Rental Charges): One helmet is provided by the Company with the Vehicle. The User is encouraged to bring their own helmets for comfort and style. Helmets for the User as well as for pillion are a mandatory requirement by law; hence the User shall ensure that the pillion rider is wearing a Helmet during the use of the Vehicle. The User has the responsibility to follow the law related to wearing of helmet for the rider as well as the pillion, and is liable to pay any fines/costs that are incurred due to violation of such law.
  8. Fuel Cost: Fuel costs are the User’s responsibility. The Company is not liable or responsible for the motorcycle fuel consumption and mileage.
  9. Advance Payment: The User shall make the payment of the entire rental charge (as per the duration of the booking) in advance, before using the Vehicle. In case the User wishes to extend the period of booking the Vehicle, the User must make the additional payment before the extension to continue the use of the Vehicle. The User can pay the Company in NEFT Transfer or Debit/Credit Card.
  10. The Pick-up date, time and location cannot be changed once a booking is confirmed.
  11. The customer is not authorized to lend the two-wheeler to any person.
  12. Mechanical failure/breakdown/cleanliness/maintenance during the ride: In case of a breakdown, the User has to immediately intimate the Company about the same and the location and kind of defect. The Company will send a mechanic or provide a necessary guidance to repair or rectify the fault so that you can get on with your ride as soon as possible. However, the Company is not assuring a definite timeline for repair, the same is depending on the location of the vehicle and kind of failure of the vehicle, availability of the mechanic, spare parts etc.
  13. Documents to be provided to the User: The User shall be provided a copy of the motorbike registration certificate & insurance.
  14. Permitted area of usage of the Vehicle: The Vehicle is provided for usage within the state of Delhi, India. The User cannot take the Vehicle outside the state boundary without prior permission from the Company. In case any User takes the Vehicle outside the state boundary without prior permission, the contract of usage would be terminated immediately and the User needs to return the Vehicle immediately back to the Company. There would be no refund of the Rental Charges already made, and the User has sole responsibility for any and all costs, charges, fees and expenses incurred by the Company as a result of a breach of this condition. The User also has to pay a fine of Rs. 5000.
  15. Crossing the State Border: The User has to inform the Company in advance whenever he is intending to go to other states. The User has to ensure that he takes the necessary approval at the check post and pay the permit fee before he enters the other state. The Company will not be responsible for any damage to life and property if the necessary permits are not taken while entering another state. The Company’s Insurance will also not be valid if the necessary permits are not taken by the User while crossing the border.
  16. Free km per ride/booking is limited to 900Kms and above 900kms, charges will be Rs. 1000 and above 1800kms, charges will be Rs. 2000
  17. Tracking of the Vehicle: Each Vehicle will be tracked with a GPS tracker by the Company. The Company ensures that the privacy of the User is not compromised in any ways. The information regarding the tracking of the Vehicle shall only be shared with the relevant authorities in case of theft/accident/or any other incident which happens with the Vehicle.
  18. The User is strongly advised to inspect the motorcycle before riding them for any physical or noticeable mechanical defects or flaw found on/in the motorcycle. The User has to bear all the cost of replacement pertaining to any damage to the vehicle loss of tools and spare parts kept in the vehicle. Any type of damage happened to the motorcycle during the ride should be intimated to the Company while returning the vehicle.
  19. The User is duty bound to inform the Company, if he/she notices any abnormality in riding comfort, conditions, manoeuvrability, excess vibrations, uneasiness etc.


  1. Refund Policy: All confirmed bookings with the Company are non-refundable, and no refund is available for the early return of the Vehicle. If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of payment gateway name payments refund will be made to the same account.
  2. Cancellation Policy: If the Company cancels the booking due to break down, non availability of the bike or any other reason then we provide 100% refund of the rentals received. If you cancel the booking the refund would be made as per the following schedule:
    • i. Less than three days before the scheduled date of Hire-- No Refund
    • ii. Three days to 6 days before the scheduled date of hire – 50% Refund
    • iii. One week to two weeks before the scheduled date of Hire -- 80% Refund.
    • iv. More than two weeks before the scheduled date of Hire -- 100% Refund.
    • In case of premium bikes, if you cancel the booking the refund would be made as per the following schedule:

    • v. Less than one week before the scheduled date of Hire-- No refund
    • vi. One week to two weeks before the scheduled date of Hire -- 50% refund.
    • vii. More than two weeks before the scheduled date of Hire -- 80% refund.
    • The refunded amount will reflect in the customer's bank account within 7-10 business days. We reserve our sole right to cancel our booking if:

    • viii. Unavailability of the Items/ bikes ordered/ booked.
    • ix. Failure due to reasons beyond Our reasonable control, due force majeure events including but not limited to acts of God, floods, fire, earthquake, acts of terrorism, war, strikes, legislation or restriction by any government or other authority, etc. Also that we operate with machines i.e. motor cycles which might break down or the previous user might not turn up on time or there can be an accident which has resulted in the bike not being available.


  1. The use of the Vehicle provided by the Company is prohibited under the following conditions:
    • i. Any speed race or competition.
    • ii. By any person who is under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication under the effects of which the operation of a vehicle is prohibited or not recommended. A zero-tolerance policy is adopted in such cases.
    • iii. In the carrying out of any crime or any other illegal activity.
    • iv. In an imprudent, negligent, or abusive manner or for any abnormal use of this vehicle.
    • v. By any person who has provided the Company with false information or whose representations are determined to be false (including, without limitation, regarding his name, age, or address).
    • vi. For driving the Vehicle outside of the permitted area or any prohibited areas within the permitted area.
    • vii. For driving while using a mobile phone or any other mobile communication device in any manner whatsoever, including while sending an SMS, emailing, using a cell phone with or without a hands-free device, otherwise using a mobile communication device that may distract the User from driving or otherwise engaging in similar activities that may be prohibited by applicable law.
    • viii. Using the Vehicle to transport flammable, poisonous, or otherwise hazardous substances for other than legally permissible household use or in amounts greater than what is usually consumed in a household.
    • ix. Transporting objects with the vehicle that could adversely impact the Vehicle’s handling safety or that could damage the Vehicle or, by virtue of such object/s protruding outside, affect the safety of vehicles driving in the vicinity of the Vehicle.
    • x. Transporting more than 2 passengers.
    • xi. Using any fuel other than how it is prescribed for the select model.
    • xii. The User shall follow speed limitation, traffic rules or directions of the police or other enforcement agencies. If there is any violation of a traffic rule or any other law such as, over speeding, jumping a signal, riding with two pillions, riding without a helmet, parking illegally etc., the member has to pay all the fines/penalties. If any case is registered by the police authorities against the Company, being the owner or permit holder of the vehicle, the User has to compensate the Company all costs, fines and legal fees incurred.
    • xiii. If the User over speeds beyond the limit set as per the traffic rules or any other laws, the Company shall not protect the User from any loss or damage to the vehicle, himself and the third party through the insurance that it has and the User shall personally be liable for all the loss or damages caused.
    • xiv. The Company shall also impose a fine of Rs. 200 per breach of speed beyond 80 kmph for bikes 110cc and below and speed beyond 100 kmph for bikes 111cc and above during the tenure of the ride on the hirer. The Company shall also have the right to blacklist the rider at its discretion.
  2. The above mentioned list is not exhaustive, and any unreasonable or inappropriate use of the Vehicle provided by the Company, as determined by the Company in its sole discretion, may be deemed a violation of these Conditions. The Company may report the User to the authorities any use of a Vehicle or other activities that are in violation of local, state, and/or national law or in violation of these Conditions.
  3. The contract of usage would be terminated immediately due to the violation of any of these Conditions and the User needs to return the Vehicle immediately back to the Company. There would be no refund of the Rental Charges already made, and the User has sole responsibility for any and all costs, charges, fees and expenses incurred by the Company as a result of a breach of these Conditions.


  1. The User is responsible for securing the Vehicle during the booking period. The Vehicle must be ignition off and handle locked properly. The User will be responsible for any fees or charges associated with a failure to perform these steps.
  2. The Company will perform all necessary and required routine maintenance on all of its Vehicles. However, the User is responsible for the cleanliness of the Vehicle and is expected to assist in helping the Company to maintain the driving safety and performance of the vehicle, in particular during longer bookings or when the vehicle indicates that service or maintenance is required.
  3. All breakdowns or incidents involving the Vehicle provided by the Company must be reported to the Company immediately at the following number: +91-8826763129
  4. The User must return the Vehicle, secured, clean, and in good working order to the Company at the end of the booking.
  5. The User must also return the Helmet given by the Company in a clean state and good working condition. If the Helmet has suffered any damage, the User is liable to pay the costs of the Helmet as per the bill of the Helmet.
  6. Users are required to immediately report to the Company, any condition that impairs the driving functionality of the Vehicle, such as poor driving feel or external or internal damage that renders the Vehicle unsafe, including but not limited to, missing or inoperable signal or driving lighting, broken or missing rear-view mirrors.
  7. Prior to taking possession of a vehicle, the User must check the Vehicle, and inform the Company of any damage or abnormality encountered on the Vehicle or in the operation of the Vehicle. If the Company is not notified of a problem at the start of a booking, the User will be deemed to be responsible for any problem with the vehicle discovered or reported after the booking, including, without limitation, damage to the vehicle.
  8. The User is solely responsible for the Vehicle while driving and any damage caused to it, and must bear the repair cost at the cost of the authorized service centre.
  9. A stolen Vehicle must be immediately reported to the Company and the nearest police station with a detailed written complaint based on actual facts. The User shall ensure that such complaint shall not contain any discrepancy, inconsistencies or distortions from actual facts as the same would be detrimental to a valid insurance or other claim by the Company. The Company shall provide all necessary assistance and the User shall provide complete co-operation to fulfil the formalities.
  10. The User must immediately notify and deliver to the Company every summons, complaint, document, or notice of any kind received by User in any way relating to an accident, theft, or other circumstances related to the Vehicle.
  11. If there is any damage to vehicle, the Company will charge the amount equal to cost of the bike/cost of repairing the bike and additionally loss of revenue if any to the Company. The User shall be liable to pay the full value of damages. The User shall also be liable for loss of rental during the period the vehicle was down. The User shall also provide a written statement explaining the incident of the accident along with clear details of the location, time, third party/property damage, police complaints resulting from such accident. The User on return of the ride shall also provide a crossed cheque in the name of the company which shall be used to settle the amount which includes the Repairing Cost and Loss of Rental. The User shall not issue stop payment request to his banker on such cheque issued. The Cheque will be returned if the hirer chooses to settle in any other mode of payment.
  12. All accidents, damages to the vehicle, summons or notices issued by police or by the court in relation to acts while the vehicle was under the custody of the Hirer shall be intimated within one Hour of such incident to info@wheelify.com. The User shall also report in writing, the entire events in minutest detail regarding the accident. Any police cases shall be reported to the Company immediately. Any misstatement or concealment is an offence. The Company shall not protect the User with its insurance if the hirer doesn't follow the above instructions.
  13. Use of the Vehicle in any manner that causing excessive wear and tear to the vehicle parts is prohibited. The Company shall penalize the User if it is found that the hirer has caused excessive wear and tear to the vehicle.
  14. Attaching any external fixtures or fittings to the Vehicle is not allowed. You are not allowed to do any repairs, replacement of any item of the Vehicle.
  15. The User will compensate the company for all damages caused to the Vehicle. In case of accidents to the Vehicle, the cost of towing the vehicle from the place of accident to the service station and all other Amounts which includes damage to the property of third party and compensation required to br aid to the victim/third party have to be paid by the User.
  16. If a confirmed Item/bike is unavailable post confirmation of the order, We will inform you of such unavailability, however, there would be times when such an information would not be possible due to the fact it is beyond our control. In which case, if You have made the payment: You will be entitled to cancel the order and refund of amount paid for the Services.

Any dispute related to the company are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only

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